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What Lies Ahead....

Wow! What a whirlwind the last four months have been! From doing my own home decorating and helping friends and family with theirs, to launching my own company! I am both tired...and EXCITED! As with most new projects that are close to your heart, this one seems to come fast and furious one moment and then it seems I am tapping my nails the next. Many two steps forward one step back moments. I have not doubt there will be many more of those to come. I am aware that the mobile site has some glitches that just showed themselves last night. I am working on fixing those. If you view the site on a lap top you won't find those issues. Please be patient with me. I am doing all of the web sleuthing myself as well as creating new items, searching out new retail items to offer to you all and doing the full-time job that is currently paying all the bills.

I ask three things of you. Please be patient. Please let me know what things you like on the site, things you wish you saw on the site and items you'd like to see again. I order all things in very small batches. I am sure you can imagine...I only have so much storage space at the moment. It will be a happy day when I can scale the business enough to be able to afford a storage unit!! In the meantime, my house looks like a loading dock took over. All in time...All in time. The third thing I ask of you is to participate in the blog and on the forum when I get it up and running. I have a Fb page and an Instagram page with the same name. Please comment there as well. I will be doing some live and some video to show you how to use the items offered, and just some everyday decorating ideas. So, as we move into Spring and Summer together, let have some fun, enjoy each other and lets talk decor so that I know what to order going forward. I promise I will never order or sell something that I wouldn't use in my own home or in decorating the homes of my friends and family.

In ending this first Blog Post...HAPPY SPRING!


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