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It is time to find Your Inspiration

Like us all...I have many aspects to my life.  I have a business side, a family side, a nurturing side, a momma bear side and a creative side among the front runners.  Sound familiar?  Spurred on by the COVID Pandemic, I finally decided to try to merge a couple of them together to form this business and this website.  

As you will soon discover, this isn't your usual shopping experience on a web based store.  Since we are all a bit eclectic so is this store.  You will find more traditional home decor items, and you will also explore a section with handcrafted decor items.  The hope is that you will find something in your exploration that will touch your heart, conjure up a treasured memory, or set you on your way for new discoveries and new memories.  

As I follow my heart in stepping out in this endeavor, I hope you follow yours as well. Come join me as we take some moments out of our crazy hectic day to find something that will make your home a little bit more...YOU.  

I also ask that you join the blog and the groups which will grow with time.  Please follow me on FB, Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest.  Lets interact there and I ask that you let me know what themes you're looking for or if you are interested in a one of a kind wreath as well as what type of items you'd like to see.  This store will only hold small quantities of each item, and often they will be one of one.

 Once you find that item that speaks to your heart, grab it up!

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