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  • Are there any volunteering opportunities at Inspired Homes by Cricket?
    Currently there are no volunteering opportunities at Inspired Homes by Cricket, but there are certainly many opportunities to volunteer at your local shelter, or rescue. You can also find volunteering opportunities at the Rescues listed below.
  • I’m not interested in buying products. How else can I support the cause?
    We understand that now might not be there right time to purchase an item you love here. While we hope that when you can, you return here to see what new items we have that touch your heart. In the meantime, if you would like to help our mission rescue. We ask that you donate to a rescue local to you. If you don't know one, you are welcome to donate to one of the English Bulldog Rescues or Cat Rescues we have listed. They are all reputable and personally known to us. Every penny is put to great use and anything you can give is accepted by them in gratitude.​
  • How much of the proceeds do the rescues get?
    nspired Homes by Cricket is pleased to share 5% of all our profits to pet rescues.
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